Medical Service

Emery Mobility provides transportation service to individuals requiring special assistance.

We provide reliable, safe and on-time service to and from hospitals, long-term care centers, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, psychiatric facilities and private residences.

Patient Transfer Services

Emery Mobility is able to provide accessible transportation service for individuals needing to attend such medical procedures as CT Scans, MRI’s, radiation treatments, dialysis sessions or cardiac diagnostics.

In addition to hospital transfers and transports Emery Mobility can provide accessible transportation to or from private residences, nursing homes, fracture clinics, doctors’ offices, dialysis units, and many other locations.

Shuttle Transfer

Emery Mobility use large capacity vehicles to transport large groups.

Please note for transportation to and from the airports located in the GTA, reservations are required 24 hours in advance.

Q’Straint Securements

Emery Mobility ensures that all vehicles are in line with safety standards and are equipped with top of the line wheelchair securement products such as Q’Straint Tie Downs.

Medical Deliveries

Our Medical Delivery System provides the comfort of same-day delivery courier for careful handling of laboratory specimens such as blood samples and blood packets pharmaceuticals and confidential records, medications and other medical equipment.

Emery Mobility’s Medical Delivery Systems provides on-time delivery with a performance rating of 99.9%. We understand the value of urgency and always deliver in a timely manner.